Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top ten reasons why I haven’t worked on my antique piano in two weeks

10) My “consultant” will be visiting me on April 16th and I want him to be able to see the inside and all the work I’ve done. (Kind of a BS excuse, which is why it’s #10.)
9) I finished the strings and I’m taking a break between milestones.
8) I’ve been too busy listening to “Milestones” by Miles Davis. (Actually, “Softly, As In a Morning Sunrise” by The Modern Jazz Quartet, see #1, below.)
7) It’s hard work.
6) I’ve been taking advantage of the weather and working outside a lot.
5) I’ve got to finish schoolwork before the piano. (Again, see #1, below.)
4) No, it really is hard work.
3) Anyway, I’m almost done. Kind of.
2) Tomorrow is another day.
1) I finished the transcription of the piano solo from “Softly, As In a Morning Sunrise” by The Modern Jazz Quartet. My last day of class is May 2, and between then and now, I not only had to do the transcription, but I’ve got to learn a bunch more scales and I’ve got to be able to fashion my way through the melody and a one chorus solo for at least five different songs. That takes practice, not an antique piano. So the number one reason I haven’t been working on my piano is because I’ve been working on my music and my class work. The most excellent part: I finished the solo transcription in one weekend of heavy (10+ hours) of work. But it’s finished, so now, I just need to practice, and I’ve promised myself to turn off the TV during the week and turn on the piano instead. (I’ve already turned off Facebook and kept it off for over a month now.) We’ll get the piano finished pretty soon, don’t you worry.