Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Addition to the Yoity Tot List

Well, it's been a while since I added to or edited the Yoity Tot list. One reason is that I haven't been on much of a music buying spree lately (hard times, you know), so I haven't been listening to that much new music. Another reason is that I haven't really found any CD worthy of the list. My addition today, however, while I consider more than worthy, I have a feeling it will eventually drop off the list. But, as I've been trying to play some of the songs on this CD on the piano, it has been getting a lot of play time, so I decided it deserved to be included for now.

The CD is Wayne Shorter's Speak No Evil. Four songs from it are in The Real Book. It took a while for this one to grow on me, but after I read the liner notes and listened closely, also while looking at the lead sheets, I started to sense something deeper. I couldn't tell you why I like this recording. Something about it, I don't know, "spiritual" almost. It's hard to describe the effect it has on me. But I like it, and I'm going to learn to play some songs from it.

My jazz music textbook arrived. I've started reading it, having just finished reading the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on jazz music. I also rented the movie "Round Midnight". I may report on some of that this coming week.

Speaking of next week, have an evil free one, y'all!

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