Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Critical listening project update

Well, in the face of a two week furlough from my regular job, things are looking up for my various jazz related projects, in more ways than one.

Regular readers of this blog will recall my critical listening project. Knowing that I am going to be off for two weeks, I've spent the better part of the last three weeks acquiring some new recordings, so I was only a little surprised when I revisited my CLP notebook and found I hadn't listened critically to a recording in over two weeks. I was happy that I chose to revisit the CLP with The Amazing Bud Powell Volume Two. It's a wonderful record that suffers a little from technological limitations, but not as many as Volume One, and not enough to detract from the enjoyment of the music. I also think the song selection is better on this recording. Bud seems to have more fun with the songs. Anyway, this was a good one to kick start the project again.

It will be important that I fire on all cylinders in the project during the first week of the furlough, because the second week of the furlough I'm going to be in New Orleans with Mrs. S., soaking up the live jazz scene. I might even do some remote blogging and if I win enough money at the poker tables when I'm not in the jazz clubs or out picking up some fresh gris-gris at the voodoo shop, I might stay even longer. Hell, my company doesn't care if I take time off (saves them money), so maybe I just need to oblige.

Folks, jazz is where it's at, and I'm there!


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, that was fun. Having never been to N'awleans, this made me want to go, making a note to visit Stella's and avoid Arnaud's (sp.) Practice or no, you'll (hopefully) still reach 65, so you may as well practice and have a more rewarding journey. You'll be a virtuoso, just think! Mrs. S. will be so proud. Thanks!
Pam P

Eric said...

Thanks for your comment Pam. As a matter of fact, I've reworked my practice regimen and will be writing about it soon. Stop back and check it out if you're interested.