Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bar is Open

Pretty much all the time, too.

Open day...
Having a bar made out of a 130-year old square grand piano is a great thing. It’s a conversation piece:

Guest: What’s the ginormous piece of furniture?
Me: Open it and see.
G: Oh wow! A piano!
M: Not quite, fold the top up.
G: Oh wow! A piano full of alcohol! Can I have some?
M: Capitalist idea comrade!

It gives you someplace to put your liquor.

It looks good lit up in a dark room.

...and night!
Did I mention it’s full of liquor?

There's still room for more...
Yes, I spent way too much money on it. (Don’t even ask.) Yes, I spent way too much time on it. (Two and a half years.) It’s way too big. (6’ x 3’ x 3’.) It’s heavy as all hell. (About 215 pounds, down from about 560.)

And it’s something that, once its novelty and usefulness has gone, I will part with it either by giving it away or throwing it out. (After all, who’s going to want it, much less part with money to get it?)

I see Kahlua, and absinthe (two kinds), and XO brandy, that SINGLE BARREL JACK DANIELS?!?! (Yes, it is.)
Still, it’s mine. And you can’t have it. But if you’re nice and you ask politely, you can probably have a little bit of what’s inside.

Now, to make some cocktails for me and Mrs S. If anybody needs me, I’ll be over by the piano.


LB said...

Oh, now that really is cool. I have to show it to my hubby when he comes in. Great job!

Eric said...

Come to AL and see it for yourself! I'll mix you something to make you mellow and then play Ellington's "In a Mellow Tone" on my other piano.