Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One down, one to go

My third ever jazz concert performance conluded last night. We were jazzing out at The Flying Monkey, in front of fifteen or so paying patrons of the arts. There were only two bands: a piano trio and our quintet with tuba. I won't run it down in detail except to say that we sounded pretty tight, even though we were not exactly clear on where we were taking the songs and how we were going to get there. At least this time, none of us wandered off through the wilderness and got off on our own trail. Everybody stayed on the same path and we more or less reached our destination all together. That will suffice.

Friday is the big big-band concert with Kathy Kosins as guest vocalist. That band has been sounding better and better, and I really like the fact that our performance is well mapped out and discussed beforehand. The only thing we haven't worked out yet is where the solos will be and when the vocalist will be singing, but we are probably going to have some opportunity to do that tomorrow and Thursday. With the big band behind me, I expect nothing but success, because my playing will be basically inaudible for the majority of the concert anyway.

I'm very much looking forward to after the performance, as I need that feeling of release and lack of obligation to learn new parts and songs and get them down. I'm ready to go back to intermediate loafing about the piano.

Just four more days.

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