Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 66 –Sunday, December 12 – Getting strung out:

Goals: Install the lock, continue restringing

Music: Roy Hargrove’s Quintet’s “Earfood”; Coleman Hawkins’ “The Stanley Dance Sessions”; Barry Harris Trio’s “Magnificent”.

If you did not read yesterday’s entry – and even if you did – let me start off by reiterating: stringing a piano is hard, hard work. Stringing a finicky square grand piano for the first time ever, with five different types of wire and an assortment of harp frame obstacles, not to mention 130-year old parts, is even harder than that. So, although you may not be impressed when I say I’m about at the halfway point of the restringing, I assure you, you should be. That represents a vast amount of tough physical labor, mental gymnastics, and eye strain.

I broke up stages in the restringing by installing the lock, which required custom fitting, and a touchy wood filler job. The escutcheon is still not quite right, and that will require precision gluing and refitting. There will be much surface refinishing in the area as well.

I ordered some more things for finishing up the piano, and with school out and TV still boring as hell, I’m planning to spend some evenings working on the piano. And yes, I’ve said that before and nothing became of it, but if I’m going to finish that sucker this year, I’m going to have to be serious about working on it in the evenings as well between now and Christmas. The finished product would make a great present to give myself on my 47th birthday, just eleven days from now.

Here’s a photo of where I’m at with the restringing now.
Halfway there
Here's a “guts pose” that came out of me unexpectedly. 
Just glad I still have both my eyes and no new scars...
I shall see you all back here again tomorrow. Still got a New Orleans’ travelogue to share, you know.


jimmy said...

Nice information shared over here.i want more update regarding this post.can you provide me????
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Eric said...

I'm happy to help anyway I can. Feel free to read through the other entries and post comments and questions on what interests you. I will respond when I moderate the comments, or get in touch with you to address your issue through other means. Thank you for reading.