Thursday, May 15, 2008

Experiment Analysis: Part 2

I should have done further analysis before I wrote my initial results.

It turns out that I actually MISSED Little Madimba. I guess I overthought the experiment and figured Eldar had to throw in at least one Latin flavored song, or whatever, and never having heard the song before, I suppose I figured it was some esoteric stuff that Eldar dug up for his album. So much for that hypothesis. However, in my defense, I'd never heard African Village before either, and I pegged that as a Tyner song right away, so I don't think I was completely off base in my initial analysis.

Here's the playlist and what I hit and missed. I think I'm going to leave the analysis at that.

The conclusion is simply: Eldar and McCoy Tyner can be very hard to tell apart for the beginning jazz pianist or casual listener, so Mrs. S's comments about Tyner sounding like Eldar were not as far off the mark as I at first thought. And with that, the experiment is completed.

Soon, we start work on the Yoity Tot CD list. Stay tuned.

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