Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 29 – Monday, July 5:

Goals: Finish the legs, touch up the other wood parts needing refinishing, maybe some felt work.

Music: None (just worked outside for a short time)

The legs are essentially finished. The one leg that I patched will need some more stain/finisher on the patch portion, but other than that, everything else looks good on all the other legs. Likewise, the pedal lyre is completed but needs some more stain on the wood patch. Even after one more coat, it still looks like it will require one or two more.

The harp is painted and dried, but as I said in an earlier entry, it’s just not the right color. I left it alone for the time being.

The only other “work” I did on the piano was ordering some shim stock, a shim tool, and some regulating felts and punchings. I won’t need anywhere near the quantity I ordered, but since I also picked up some spare parts on e-bay, I’m thinking of continually building towards the next refurbishing project.

If I’m going to be serious about this, though, I’m definitely going to have to find some decent work space. The garage is just not adequate due to the amount a debris blowing around in there and the heat and humidity in the summer. It would be easy enough to heat in the winter, but three or four months out of the year, it would not be feasible to work out there. I’m seriously toying with the idea of removing our two water heaters and replacing them with a tankless water heater. That would not only save me some space, but it would save me some money, too. Then I could think about making that nook into a piano workspace. Tearing out one or both of the closets might also be an option.

Then again, maybe I need to finish my first piano project and see how that goes before I get too much farther ahead of myself…

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